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Providing resources and educational information for managing your body’s health through illness

Welcome to One Life Store

Providing resources and educational information for managing your body’s health through illness.

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8 Cancer-Fighting Foods

1. Raw Garlic

Contains powerful antioxidants, including allicin, which has been proven to remove free radicals. Added benefits include lowered blood pressure and cholesterol levels, and improved brain function.

2. Broccoli

A natural anti-inflammatory that is best eaten raw or blanched. It is rich in the phytochemicals (glucoraphanin) and antioxidants (indo-3-carbinol). These have been scientifically proven to reduce the risk of cervical, breast, gastric, and prostate cancers.

3. Green Tea

Contains catechins, which have taken it to new heights in cancer-fighting food research. They are believed to be more powerful than vitamin C in fighting free radicals. In various studies, green tea has been shown to shrink tumors and inhibit cancer growth.

4. Berries

Research has been found that strawberries, black raspberries, blueberries, and other dark berries impede the growth of cancer cells. They also help prevent heart disease and are anti - inflammatory.

5. Spinach

Rich in vitamins, minerals, and omega-3 fatty acids. It contains biochemicals known as flavonoids that eliminate free radicals. It is also high in folate and fiber, which doctors believe are essential to cancer prevention.

6. Tomatoes

Rich in the antioxidant lycopene, which gives tomatoes their color. It is also known for preventing certain types of cancer, including prostate. To get the most out of your tomatoes, cook them. This releases the full benefits of lycopene.

7. Carrots

Rich in the antioxidant beta-carotene, known for preventing cell damage and may slow the growth of cancer cells. Carrots contain falcarinol and falcarindiol, which are natural pesticides. Scientists believe this is the reason behind its cancer-fighting abilities.

8. Curcumin

Curcumin is the yellow pigment that has been extracted from turmeric. With over 2,000 published studies, research has shown that curcumin fights breast, liver, colon, lung, pancreatic, and other cancers. Combined with bioperine (black pepper extract), curcumin is absorbed by as much as 2000% more than curcumin alone.


1. Genetically Modified Foods (GMOs)

The rapidly growing industry of genetically modified crops are infiltrating our food supply at an alarming rate. More than 90% of our corn and soy are now genetically modified. This fairly new practice is the source of many debates. Experts agree that adequate testing was not done before GMO foods were added to the ingredient listing of thousands of products.

In other words, no one - including the growers and manufacturers of GMO foods - knows the long-term effect they will have on human health. Look for GMO-free labels whenever possible or buy organic (which always means a product is not genetically modified).

2. Grilled Red Meat

While grilled food can taste delicious, scientists have discovered that preparing meats in this way - especially processed meats like hot dogs - releases a carcinogen called heterocyclic aromatic amines. When you grill red meat to the point of well-done, it changes the chemical and molecular structure of the meat. You’re better off baking, broiling, or preparing meat in a skillet than on the grill.

3. Refined Sugar

The biggest cancer causing food (by far) is high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) and other refined sugars. Even brown sugar is highly refined white sugar with some of the removed molasses added back in for flavor and color. Refined sugars (and foods made with them) are the source of major insulin spikes and feed the growth of cancer cells.

Since the majority of the sugar supply in the U.S. is made using genetically modified (GMO) sugar beets, a healthier option is organic honey, coconut sugar, or maple sugar. Now that oncologists are using diabetes medication to fight cancer cells, there’s no doubt (finally) that those mutated cancer cells love sugar.

4. Soda and Carbonated Beverages

Sodas have been at the center of the health debate for two decades as a major cancer-causing food. Filled with high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS), dyes, and a host of other chemicals, they are very bad for every aspect of your health. They provide zero nutritional value and rob your body of the nutrients you get from other foods. Adding “diet” to the label means you’re also likely consuming aspartame - which is no better than rat poison to human cells.

5. White Flour

When flour is refined, all nutritional value is removed. Then it’s bleached with chlorine gas to make it more appealing to consumers. The glycemic index for white flour is very high - meaning it spikes your insulin levels without providing nutritional fuel. Carbohydrates are converted to sugars by your body, so excessive products that contain white flour can lead to increased insulin resistance. Simple sugars (like refined carbohydrates) are the preferred fuel source for cancer.

6. Farmed Fish

Commercial fish farming involves raising an incredible number of fish (such as salmon), in a crowded environment. More than 60% of the salmon consumed in the United States comes from a farming operation where they are treated with antibiotics, pesticides, and other carcinogenic chemicals to try and control the bacterial, viral, and parasitic outbreaks that result from cramming so many fish in a small space. Farmed fish also don’t have as much omega-3 as wild salmon.

7. Hydrogenated Oils

Vegetable oils are chemically extracted from their source, chemically treated, and more chemicals are added to change the smell and taste. They’re packed with unhealthy omega-6 fats (that Americans already consume way too much of) and have been proven to alter the structure of our cell membranes.